Brown and beautiful!

A shoutout to all the gorgeous brown/dark skinned divas! Each one of you is beautiful! Yes, I just said that! We’ve stepped into 2018 and are still shamefully living among racists who effortlessly pinch our feelings with colourism that linger on for some time. It’s funny how men and women alike look down on dark skinned girls. Lucky men! They manage to get away with it, … Continue reading Brown and beautiful!

A message from the canvas!

I am always taken in by vibrant colors, I ogle at the art section of every mall, and I stand wonderstruck at massive paintings. What’s more? That’s about it! (Wink) Well, painting or drawing is complete Greek to me. As a kid how much ever I tried, I could do nothing beyond managing to make my doodles look fairly passable. I sure didn’t pencil in a … Continue reading A message from the canvas!